Well, hello! Welcome to my little shelf on the world wide interwebz.

I’m just a gal who loves to read and share (and get!) recommendations from far and wide. Authors are some of the greatest and most awesome people ever so, if you’re an author, welcome!

Genres that I particularly enjoy are: historical fiction, memoir, ‘foodie’ books, kitchen fiction, chick lit (well, duh…), mysteries (especially Nordic/Scandinavian and British mysteries), and YA fiction.

Oh yeah. I’m also *slighty* obsessed with Iceland. I visited in 2011 and am itching at the chance to go back. My idea of the ultimate book find is whenever I discover a new book by an Icelandic author has been translated into English. So, chances are, you will come to discover that I blog about these little treasures A LOT.

I became an RYT200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) in July, 2015, so chances are, there will also be a fair amount of Yoga books reviewed in the not so distant future! I spent a month in Costa Rica while doing my 200 hours so I’m always on the lookout for books that take place in Costa Rica.

Happy reading and Namaste awhile!


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